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With experience going back to the beginning of the Internet itself, Business Matter provides a wide range in web business consulting services.  Our goal is to both help you to build the foundation for your online business, as well as guide you in having it grow.  Weaknesses in any of the fundamental elements of a site stand to compromise the effectiveness of all other elements.

Web Site Design - The aesthetic appearance, layout, and navigation of your site are not just critical, but entirely responsible, for establishing the visual image of your online business, and creating positive first impressions of your company.

Online Strategy - With so many online businesses competiting in each area of web activity, it is important to have a strategy for positioning your business as being better than and/or simply different from the rest.

User Interface - How hard is it for users to interact with your site? If your site is easy to use, it is likely one that visitors will not only stay on and interact with, but one they will come back to.

Custom Web Applications - To fully realize a site's potential, it is often necessary to employ customized applications to correctly handle scenarios unique to that site.

Search Engine Optimization - Most e-commerce transactions start with web search engines.  How can you gain valuable traffic from the web search engines?  You can acheive this by identifying the keywords and queries that are most appropriate for your business, and properly managing their use on your site, as well as through the creation of targeted search advertising campaigns.
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