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Online Strategy
As in any other type of media that a business may act through, the Internet provides unique limitations and opportunities, which when recognized and acted upon can add momentun to your online pursuits.  The specific structure of a site will dictate what types of strategic methods may be most effective.  Among the important areas of strategy for an online business are those of active audience generation and retention.
Another area of strategy to consider is the focus of the online business.  With the many possibilities both for business in general, as well as those for online businesses, it is easy to have too wide of a focus to be effective.  This problem is added to by the presence of saturation in many market segments on the web, as well as the ease with which potential customers can leave for the competition.  One method of reducing potential competition and having a more focused direction is to identify under-addressed niche markets.
Regardless of whether or not the online business operates in a smaller niche or not, the business MUST propose some above and beyond that of the competition.  If not a narrower focus, this can also be in the form of better service, lower price, more experience, more tradition, etc.
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