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Business Matter's staff has extensive experience in building web businesses for each of the services that we offer, spanning back to the beginning of the Internet itself.

Web Site Design - We have built several high quality sites, each built with aesthetic refinement, usability, and performance in mind.

Online Strategy - Business Matter's management has been involved with developing the strategy of a variety of online businesses.  Particular areas of strategy that we have found to be important is brand identity and positioning and audience management.

User Interface - Business Matter's staff has worked on the refinement of a number of existing web sites, maximizing intuitiveness and desired visitor actions.

Custom Web Applications - We have built and modified a great number of web applications, ranging from performance-demanding search technology, complex billing systems, audience retention tools including newsletter subscription systems, and many more.

Search Engine Optimization - Business Matter's staff has been greatly involved in building a number of web search engine applications, so we know how they work.  We can use this knowledge to help your business get exposure.
Business Matter's mission is to help businesses in creating the foundation upon which they can grow online.  This can be accomplished by imbuing our expertise in online business into your own.
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