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Web Site Design
Business Matter provides advanced web design services.  Simply put, we make sites that are as attractive visually as possible, while simultaneous keeping in mind the goal of the web site.  Some of the principles with which we build web sites are the following:

The web site should have a unique and refined appearance.  This is often accomplished by balancing subtle elements on the page.  When a site has uniqueness and refinement, it can help to set it apart from the competition.

The web site should be easy to use.  Text should be readable and navigation should be intuitive.  This is absolutely required in order to nuture an online audience, rather than losing visitors to a frustrating browsing experience.

Layout should strictly follow preset rules for consistency and readability.  This typically comes down to reducing the number of formatting rules to as few as possible, as well as having simple and clearly defined areas on each page.

The focus of a given page must be properly managed.  A common mistake is to throw too much at a visitor.  When this happens, it is easy for them to become distracted away from desired actions, such as purchases, registrations, etc.  In contrast, it is possible to dramatically increase the likelihood of visitor actions (i.e. purchases) by managing what a visitor is given on any given page, as well as by decreasing friction and increasing the momentum through a given visitor process.

The feel of the site must be appropriate for the audience demographic.  To accomplish, we employ stylistic techiniques and thematic elements to best immerse the site in its given topic.
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