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Search Engine Optimization
Even if you have a well built web site, you must still get traffic to your site before it can generate business.  Getting listed in search engines is one of the best opportunities to generate qualified traffic.  There are two methods of gaining exposue on search engines.  The first is by making your site more relevant for those keywords that are most relevant to your business.  In doing this, you must identify which keywords are most important to focus on - because the more keywords you try to be relevant for, the least effect each individual one has.  Once these keywords are identified, the must be used in such a way on your site, in every textual element of your site, to maximize their impact in the eyes of the search engines.
The other method of gaining exposure on the search engines is simply by advertising on them, targeting your ads for specific keywords and categories.  Like the method above, it is critical to identify which keywords are most relevant and also those that generate the most return for your ads.
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