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User Interface
In the many businesses that we have been involved with, we have seen time and again how important user interface is to an online business' success.  Subtle changes in interface can easily affect the performance of a site by 100% or more.  This can be true in cases of purchasing behaviour, free registrations, and others.  Furthermore, users may not even know that they are being affected by the user interface on a given page.  Simply taking away the steps in which a visitor can hesitate to take action on your site (purchases, etc.), can be one source of dramatic improvement.  Some general forms of improvements include the following:

Simple changes in form placement

Limiting what is included on a page to the bare essentials for a given task

Eliminating non-essential steps from a given task

Using language that is as non-technical as possible

Remembering re-usable information for later use - thereby reducing the steps of future tasks

Auto-cursor-focusing of critical form fields

Being conscious of where a visitor's eyes may be focused on on a given page, and adjusting the calls to action for the position appropriately
Additional opportunities to refine user interface can arise from the unique circumstances of a given web site/page.
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